Web Design & Development

The NETL Multimedia Team is capable of utilizing various web languages to develop and design you a webpage for specific committees, projects, groups, events. We will incorporate video, audio, motion graphics, text, and images based on the specific needs of each project.  We will design aesthetically appealing page layouts with user friendly navigation using original web based graphics.


General time for completion:Web page development can be completed in as litle as 1 hour. Full scale design a development of a website can take anywhere from 2 weeks for a small 20 page site up to 6 months for more sophisticated sites with thousands of pages.


You can view examples of our web design and development work here


NETL Website Design/Development Process


The five step process includes:

  1. Development/Pre-production
  2. Production
  3. Post-production
  4. Distribution



  1. Determine client’s needs
  2. Map flow/navigation of website
  3. Conceptualize design with sketches and define style
  4. Obtain/Write Copy


  1. Develop HTML/CSS
  2. Develop Javascript and PHP functions
  3. Develop any needed Flash elements
  4. Continually testing site in all browsers


  1. Present to client to determine needed changes
  2. Correct as necessary


  1. Upload all files onto server