Video Examples

Our most current videos are always posted to our YouTube Channel.

* - award winner

NETL 100 Year Anniversary Video

This video was used at the various celebrations surrounding the 100 year anniversary of NETL.

NETL Visitor Center, Morgantown, WV

Intro to Carbon Sequestration *


This video helps explain the uses and benefits of carbon capture and storage, also known as CCS or carbon sequestration.

NETL Visitor Center, Morgantown, WV

Energy Research Highlights *


This video, used in the Forrestal building, highlights the research NETL is doing in the following fields: Clean Coal, Gasification, Carbon Sequestration, and Hydrogen.

NETL Visitor Center, Morgantown, WV

Nanotechnology: Energy Research at the Atomic Level


Dr. Christropher Matranga discusses nanotechnology research at "the ENERGY lab."


Gasification: A Cornerstone Technology *


This video explains why NETL is a leader in the science and technology of gasification.


Carbon Sequestration Questions and Answers


Experts in the field of carbon sequestration (carbon capture and storage, or CCS) answer commonly asked questions.