The NETL Multimedia Team will provide an array of video services for your needs in both HD and standard definition. Whether you need live streaming video on the internet, a remote-location video shoot, video editing capabilities, green screen compositing, or DVD services, we are happy to help.


Live Webcasts

We are able to shoot and stream video live on the internet so that meetings, conferences, speeches, events, or lectures can be shared with those who cannot attend in person.


General time for completion:takes 2 hours to setup prior to the event as well as some technical logistics for internet provisions and LAN line/Audio connections. The live webcast can run as long as it is required to capture the entire event.


Remote Location Shooting

The Multimedia Team can shoot video footage at experiment stations, other laboratories, drill sites, conferences, etc., to be used in various multimedia projects such as virtual tours, training videos, kiosk displays, and other informational materials.


General time for completion:is directly related to distance traveled and the duration of the event being recorded. We have completed remote shoots in one day that only required a short drive (100 miles or less each way)and back with our equipmet. We have also completed 2 week long projects thousands of miles away.


Video Editing

We have the ability to shoot and edit high definition and standard definition video into professional quality, fully-realized productions.  The Multimedia Team will also gladly edit existing video footage according to your needs.  We work with the technical writing staff to develop professional, scientifically accurate scripts for video productions.


General time for completion:takes 10 hours per minute of completed video footage. This covers all aspects of shooting, editing, special effects, compositing, titling, audio, burning master media.


DVD Services

The NETL Multimedia Team is will convert your analog video to digital formats and create DVDs.  We can also author DVDs with edited video and attractively designed DVD menus.


General time for completion:takes 4 minutes to convert every 1 minute of analog video to DVD. Interactive menus take one business day to develop


Green Screen Compositing

The Multimedia Team will shoot video using green screens, and will put video and images together seamlessly. For existing video, we can use rotoscoping to remove, add, or edit the background. We also are able to incorporate our 3D animation services to any multimedia project. 


General time for completion:takes 2 hours to setup prior to the event as well as some technical logistics for lighting. Special provisions may be required depending on the size of the set needed to capture the action.


You can view examples of our video work here


NETL Video Production Process

The five step process includes:

  1. Development
  2. Pre-production
  3. Production
  4. Post-production
  5. Distribution



  1. Identify the Story/Theme
  2. Write synopsis
  3. Create outline based on one sentence to one paragraph scenes with drawings
  4. Write script


  1. Storyboard development
  2. Script/Storyboard review with script writers
  3. Plan locations for shooting and schedule the locations
  4. Schedule interviews and talent for shoots
  5. Create shot list from storyboards


  1. Prepare interviewees and onscreen talent for shooting. Clothing, Hair, Glasses, Posture, Clear speaking etc…
  2. Prepare locations for shooting, lighting, sound, cameras etc…
  3. Film the shot list
  4. Review footage for consistency/relevance
  5. Reshoot if needed


  1. Create rough cut edit
  2. Refine the edit to a final cut
  3. Audio post work / Cleanup and add effects
  4. Create musical score and apply to final edit


  1. Archive final production using Multimedia’s standard operation procedures for finalized and approved productions
  2. Place final production on social media sites
  3. Burn production run to requested media types (DVD, Blu-Ray, CD)
  4. Backup raw production files