Social Media

Social Media is a term applied to media in which the users are given the resources to easily contribute and participate.  Such types of media include blogs, video sharing sites like YouTube, and social network/messaging sites like Facebook and Twitter.  The Multimedia Team is happy to help increase the audiences through social media for various messages spread by groups within NETL.  Sharing information with one another within NETL and also with online communities is a great way to have NETL’s voice heard.  These communities may be current employees, the news media, prospective partners, students, teachers, job hunters, and elected officials. 


Social media has endless possible applications but can most effectively be used by groups within NETL to accomplish the following:  Social media can be used to share news within NETL and with outside parties in the form of news releases, newsletters, multimedia productions, and even emergency notifications.  Social Media is also useful when increasing interest in vacancy announcements and fellowship releases, as well as student research, business, and Educational Outreach opportunities.    


General time for completion: is one business day for most common tasks. In many cases these tasks will be completed in just a few minutes. For new site setup and media campaigns the time needed will expand to meet the needs of the application.