Photo Services


The NETL Multimedia Team provides full photography services using Digital-SLR camera technology.  Whether for a website, scientific reports, presentation materials, print materials, video projects, or other multimedia productions, we can capture the photos needed to accompany to your written and spoken ideas.  The Multimedia Team is able to take high-resolution digital photos of on-site and off-site events, conferences, laboratories, equipment, training exercises, and experiment stations, as well as single and group portraits.


General time for completion: 1 business day. In most cases (unedited) photos can be shot and returned in just a few hours.


Photo Manipulation

The Multimedia Team will restore and enhance existing photographs for your project’s specific needs.  Age-old paper photos from the archives can now look crisp, detailed, and vivid again as a digital file to be used in presentations, videos, and informational materials.  The Multimedia Team is can also composite multiple images into one, add 2D and 3D elements to photographs, and stitch one panoramic photo from several photos.


General time for completion:The rule of thumb here is 1 hour to combine two photos and two hours for each aditional composited image. This will depend on the complexity of the request. For example a simple background change may take as little a 1 hour where as a more complex compositing project utilizing 3 to 10 photos and or 3D models can take as much as a week.


View examples of our photography work here.


NETL's Digital Photography Process

The five step process includes:


  1. Planning
  2. Production
  3. Post-production
  4. Distribution



  1. Determine client’s needs (What are the photos for?)
  2. Obtain details of photo shoot (location, time, names, etc…)
  3. Scout location if unfamiliar
  4. Decide what equipment is needed



  1. Go to location and set up necessary equipment (tripods, lighting, etc…)
  2. Take photos



  1. Review photos
  2. Edit photos (color correction, levels, etc…)
  3. Review/choose needed photos with client



  1. Present final photos to client as needed (CD, DVD, e-mail)