Motion Graphics

The NETL Multimedia Team is able to design and develop motion graphics for presentation materials, websites, displays, and outreach media.  We combine elements of video, photography, graphic design, and audio to create cutting-edge graphic animations to that deliver textual information and multimedia messages in a dynamic, eye-catching way sure to inject life in to any image, video, or presentation.


Kinetic Text

The Multimedia Team can create kinetic text animations that are great for kiosk displays, presentations, and websites.  Traditional static text may become monotonous when conveying important, informative messages.  Instead, we can create concise, swift-moving, and energetic text-based animations for your project.  These kinetic text animations blend the written word and graphic design into one visually striking message.


General time for completion: is appoximately 1 week. While some simple motion grphics can be done in a matter of minutes others can include very sophisticated movement in 3D space and require longer rendering times to accomplish.


You can view examples of our motion graphics work here.