Contact The NETL Multimedia Team



Brian Albin: Pittsburgh - 412-386-5055

Tim Ford: Morgantown - 304-285-0995
Mike Gipple: Morgantown - 304-285-4895

Alec Grieco: Pittsburgh - 412-386-7485

Nicole Rosa: Pittsburgh - 412-386-7601

Jason Guinan: Pittsburgh - 412-386-7600

Mike Capozzoli: Pittsburgh - 412-386-7480

Matt Gaydos: Pittsburgh - 412-386-7603

Bobby Snelson: Morgantown - 304-285-4118

Nick DiLucia: Pittsburgh - 412 386-5906

Terry Summers: Morgantown - 304-285-0572




Brian Albin:

Tim Ford:
Mike Gipple:

Alec Grieco:

Nicole Rosa:

Jason Guinan:

Mike Capozzoli:

Matt Gaydos:

Bobby Snelson:

Nick DiLucia:

Terry Summers:
Jacob Howell:


Entire Multimedia Team:


The multimedia team are located at the NETL facilities in Morgantown, WV and Pittsburgh, PA.


In Morgantown, we have facilities in B3 (Room 109A), as well as a studio area in the basement of B39 (Room B73).


In Pittsburgh, our offices can be found in building 922.